Snow Blog

Snow Day = Blog Day

The elusive day off is welcome in my apartment, and I think we're all taking advantage of the unexpected free time. This morning, Steven and I finalized the casting for one of our upcoming projects.

We lost the first competition we were apart of, but we know we'll rebound strong with the upcoming shows. Natalie and Lauren will be featured in the next show Periastron. The show prequels our last project, "More Than/Less Than," and we discover how our two characters meet. Periastron will be debuting at Big Apple Theater Festival on April 8th. Lauren and Natalie both have other projects to work on, so Otterbein Alumni Mason Smajstrla will take over as Stacy and Caylie Rose Newcom as Mia when we join our next festival, NLTP Darkroom 13. Mason and Caylie will be performing on April 13th and 14th.

There's also one more play that I'm directing, which will also be a part of two festivals. Rebecca Schafer, also a brilliant lighting designer and stage manager, has taken up play writing. Her debut work, Lump, will be performed at Manhattan Rep. Theater and the NLTP Darkroom 13 as well! It'll be a busy few days. It's premier at Manhattan Rep. is scheduled for April 7th, and it'll open at New Light on April 13th. Alison Schiller and Connor Allston will star in the two character 10 minute play. I won't give any of the plot away, but you can be sure that it's a comedy.

That's the end of my directing updates, but that means there are still a few other areas to cover:

Internship - Still going very well. I've spent a few days working on the office's Project Calendar, and it's amazing to look at the number of projects that Stephanie, Alexa and Ari have covered over the last year. And as a young director who works very closely with a few young playwrights, it's exciting for me to see the amount of new work that Stephanie has been casting. It's a very nice reminder that people are willing to give people chances and develop young artists. I've also decided, through talking to Stephanie, her assistants and a few others, to extend my stay as an intern in her office. While I have time and opportunity to learn from Stephanie and her office, I'll be working there.

Internship Goals: We have list of things to accomplish while here, and I haven't been consistent about posting the things I've done. In theory, each get's it's own blog post. That's kinda hard for me to make sure I do, so I've decided to give an update here on the things I've done. 

1) Broadway Show: Oh, Hello. Phantom of the Opera. On Your Feet. Come From Away.                 2) Off Broadway Show: Yours Unfaithfully. Fade. Ring Twice for Miranda. Yen.                                   3) Concert/Opera/Symphony/Ballet... :UCB Improv Show (2). Rusalka (Met Opera).                       5) Go to a Museum: Museum of the American Gangster.                                                                       6) Central Park (3 Locations): The Reservoir, The Lake, Great Lawn                                                  7) New Food: A Chocolate Egg Cream from Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop.                                          9) Choice Event + Classmate: A UCB show with Steven Meeker Jr.                                                      11) Choice Event + Yourself: The Flatiron Lego Store with a raccoon.

That's my current list, and still have to accomplish #4 (Walk the Brooklyn Bridge), #8 (Go someplace alone) and #10 (Choice event with an alumni). Walk the Brooklyn Bridge is something I hope to do when it's warmer outside. I've gone a few places alone, but I'm actually yet to just take a moment and write my event. For #10, Steven and I are hoping to go see the Power Rangers movie with an alumni. WHICH IS COMING SOON!

Anyway, this is the end of my big update! It's been snowing outside since last night and we got a a bunch of freezing rain today too. Who knows, maybe we'll get seven more blizzards and I'll finish all of these blog entries! 

PS. The NFL draft is coming up. My favorite 5 guys for the Panthers 8th overall pick are: Malik Hooker, Jamal Adams, OJ Howard, Soloman Thomas, and Leonard Fournette.