I'm admittedly very bad at keeping this blog up to date. 


But it's because we're so busy! There's so much going on that this blog falls behind, and I'm grateful for the amount of work I've been given. 


Originally, Stephanie and I had discussed 3-4 days a week of work. Well, that's not how this cookie has crumbled. I've gone in every day for work, and my hours have grown too. Alexa, Ari, and Stephanie have all been extremely giving with their time and advice, and they've made my transition to this city much smoother than I ever imagined it could be. 


So work is fun. It's a lot of work, and I come home tired every night (a very good feeling), but there's more to life than work! I'm seeing plenty of shows. Including several Broadway shows and some awesome off-Broadway productions too. I recently got a chance to see Rusalka at the Met, because TJ Gerckens is the man, and I've seen a few more improv shows too. The opportunities to see shows and enjoy the work that's produced in this city makes life very fun here.  


I've also been blessed by the opportunity to make my directing debut in New York next month! I'm sure many people have seen Steven Meeker's post concerning the approaching production of his play  "More Than/Less Than," and I couldn't be more excited. Steven and I have been talking about the chance to produce our own work and work with our own people since freshman year. And for the two of us, this is just step one. We're gonna be doing this for a while, and we'll keep pushing each other to make our product better. 


My mom also came to visit! Mostly to drop off stuff, but also for some much needed talking. It's always nice to see moo! Though sad to see her go.

But now, my room is nearing completion, and I'm very happy with the current state of things here.