The Internship Blog, Part 1

PART 1! Internship has been awesome. I'm with Stephanie Klapper Casting, and I couldn't be happier than I am with them. They're all incredibly smart, kind, and devoted people. They're perfect examples of how to be professionals in the theater industry.

There are four of us in the office; Stephanie, Alexa, Ari and I. Alexa and Ari are her two assistants, and they're both some of the kindest and most helpful people I've ever met. Stephanie may be THE kindest person I've ever met. All three are willing to forgive any mistake I make, and use each one as a teaching moment. Perhaps the thing I'm doing the most of right now is learning, actually. And that's just how it should be! And I don't mean I'm just sitting around listening to them tell me what to do, that's not the case. I'm doing things around the office and trying to be as much help as I can, but I'm learning about everything as I'm doing it. It's fast and confusing, but they're always willing to answer any questions. 

My hours shift from day to day, but last Thursday and Friday were my longest days yet. Despite the length and how stressful they were at times, they we're tons of fun. And, I got a chance to sit in on some auditions for a show! The show was White Snake, adapted by Mary Zimmerman, and it was so much fun. As an actor myself, auditions are a huge part of my job, and watching these professional working actors do their jobs was extremely helpful. 

They also happen to have an awesome office and view, and I'm gonna get the chance to use my photography skills to potentially help them use that view on their website.  It's a cool and unique project, and I'm very excited to get a chance to help them build their website.

Other things that have happened since I moved here...                                                                         - Steven and I saw a UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade) show. It was very funny and we followed it up by trying out some the pizza places nearby (cause we're always lookin' for good pizza).              

- I got a comp ticket to a show named ReconFIGUREd from the very cool Katie Faulter, and Steven joined me for that. The show was great, and a reminder of how many people are out there just trying to tell their story.

- Saw La La Land in theater's with Steven and my roommate Doug, and I honestly didn't get the hype. I didn't particularly enjoy the singing or dancing (if you know me, that's not surprising), but more importantly, I didn't think there was any conflict. The lack of conflict made for a boring movie to me, and I found myself struggling to stay attentive at times. I did think the ending was cool, but quite a long build up for such a short sequence.

- Me and 10 of my classmates got a chance to meet with Tom Miller from Actor's Equity today. Tom was great, and Otterbein alum Ethan Schwartz skyped in from California to talk to us too. The two of them educated us on the various types of auditions and contracts equity uses, among other things. It was incredibly useful for us, and very kind of them to give us their time.                                                               

There's this whole list of things I'll be working on accomplishing while I'm on internship here, and I know I've checked a few of things off the list, but get ready for a whole lot more posts from me. These first few weeks have been really solid, and I'm beginning to think at some point I may even be able to call this city 'home.' But, my adventure here has really only just started, and I'm sure there will be many more ups and downs to come.

So stay tuned!