Mid-Week Reflections

Wow, just reaching the half way point of week two after spring break and I'm already feeling the pressure of this semester coming to an end. 

Auditions for OST (Otterbein Summer Theatre) just finished on Sunday, and I'll hopefully hear back this week. The shows I auditioned for were Brighton Beach Memoirs and The Invention of Theatre. Brighton is a Neil Simon classic, and I was called back for Jack. The Invention of Theatre will actually have it's world premier this summer, it's by an Otterbein grad named Sean Murphy. It's hilarious, and I was called back for two parts in it. Excited to hear back! Would love to get a part in either one.

Mother Courage rehearsals started last week, and the off-book date is this Saturday, gotta focus on that these next few days. It's a fascinating process with an absolutely awesome cast, I'm loving being with this group in the rehearsal room.

Just finished filming a sit-com episode for TV/Film class today, and then started the table read of the web series we spent the first half of the semester writing. We should be filming by next Tuesday, so I should be memorized for blocking on Thursday at least. The series is called Rumpus Room. It's mostly written by two classmates of mine, but the series and plot was developed by everyone in the class. It's sort of a cross between Hunger Games and 30 Rock. We take a very serious plot, and then make jokes about it for 6 episodes. It's funny and pretty dark at times. It's been a fun project so far, and I can only be more excited for what's to come from filming!

Side note, on a football thing, the Panthers signed Paul Soliai to the team earlier this week. Soliai is a 6'4 345 pound defensive tackle. He'll be a great guy to have come in and spell Star and Short long enough that they can catch their breath. He's been an awesome nose tackle in the past for the Dolphins, and I'm excited to have another veteran rotational player on the team who can also be a good leader and presence in the locker room. 

That's the end of that! Good night world.