First Blog Entry...

When I was thinking about what I wanted my website to be like, I knew quickly that a blog was going to be incorporated. I want this website to be a representation of me, and that means more than just my acting. While this website will showcase my work as an actor primarily, and as a photographer secondarily, this blog will give me freedom to write about anything I want to. 

So to start, I'm going to let everyone know that I will write about many different things. I'm an actor, a student, a cook, a baker, a football fan, and I have an unhealthy love for Godzilla. I have many more things on my mind too, those are just the ones that come to mind right now. 

At the present moment, I'm in a production of Is He Dead? at Otterbein. The play was originally written by Mark Twain, and was then adapted by David Ives. I'm Dutchy, the jolly german of the show. Our show opens two weeks from this Thursday (we open the 18th of February), so it goes without saying that it's weighing heavily on my mind.

The other topic ricocheting through my brain? This Sunday, when the Carolina Panthers play in Super Bowl 50. If you didn't know, I'm Panthers fan, and it's the franchise's second appearance in the big game (that's not very many). You'll almost definitely get a purely football post, and a food post. My classmates and I are having a Super Bowl party, and I will be cooking. I'm hoping that cooking and eating will help me cope with my excitement. 

Anyway, those are the big things on my mind right now... so yay to blog posts! Yay to creative expression! Time to get started.